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what makes seempli the ultimate creativity platform?


Unique Creativity Gym

Billions of open-ended, playful creative challenges designed with the unique seempli platform, so you can develop your creativity on a daily basis.


Targeting Core Skills

The only platform designed to help you develop your Creativity Operating System - the core skills of Creativity.


Your Creativity Toolbox

Use the seempli Playbook for ideation, problem-solving, learning, overcoming creative blocks, team building, storytelling, and more.

Turn any challenge into an opportunity.


Curated Creativity Packs

Curated collections of creativity games and activities. Each of them is like a creativity workshop in a box. Minus the box 🙂


Play All Day

Designed to be used everyday throughout the day by blending perfectly into your daily routine, turning any time into creative-time.


Productivity Booster

Daily practice with seempli will enhance your concentration, productivity, and motivation, on top of your creative skills.


Team Play

Play seempli together for even greater fun. Develop your creativity as a team, share your creative Insights and become a dream team.


Free Game Every Day

We are on a mission to inspire everyone to realize their creative potential. That's why we've made our infinite collection of games available for everyone... one game at a time.

Enjoy a new creativity game every day. 100% free*, ad-free, and registration-free.

* for personal use


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what people are saying...

  • seempli has added skills to my life in a way that no photography or writing course ever did. seempli has given me just the right balance of guidance and freedom to wander, see, write, and, of course, photograph. It is a catalyst for real learning!“
    Tom Harris, Teaching Engineer
  • What an easy and meaningful stimulation for any ideation workshop for product-/service-design! If you want to stimulate your own or your team´s creativity and develop one of the most important leadership qualities in the 21st century, you've come to the right place.
    Erik Schumb, Founder and CXO of Agile Sprints
  • “What a fantastic idea! I love it. I’m often asked how to get started seeing in a new way if one does not have an “expert” along for the walk. I generally propose that, first, people could walk with anyone who is willing to tell them “what they see”, and find something new; second, that a solo walker can just look for one kind of thing. Now I can recommend that they play with seempli as well!“
    Alexandra Horowitz, Author of On Looking: A Walker’s Guide to the Art of Observation
  • “Tried it in our company, recommended!
    Lidor has the talent to help increasing creativity in a friendly way, and without investing extra effort or time. Didn't think it is possible before I was introduced to seempli. Thumbs up.“

    Michelle Koren, Head of SDN applications and Network Management, ECI Telecom

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