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seempli create™

The infinite inspiration machine. Designed to be played anywhere and at any time. From five minutes a day to hours of pure creative fun.

The more you use your Creativity, the better it gets. Creating for no reason at all is the best (and most playful) practice for mastering your Creativity.

With seempli create™ you will experience more, observe and notice things nobody else does, marvel at things, and practice your imagination throughout the day.

Spice up every day with infinite playfulness and Creativity.

seempli create is open for free — no sign-up required


Experiences are the food of Creativity. They are the source of the ingredients that make creative ideas.

One experience a day can be the inspiration for numerous creations and insights.

open to seempli members


The best ideas are the result of surprising fusions based on unexpected inspiration.

seempli ideate™ is the ultimate game for generating groundbreaking ideas for any challenge.

open to seempli members


Reflection is the cornerstone of any self-development process. You have to know yourself to evolve.

seempli reflect™ helps you rediscover yourself through indirect creation.

open to seempli members

why people love our creativity games…

infinite play

Billions of open-ended, playful creative playsets, so you can develop and apply your creativity on a daily basis.

targeting core skills

The only platform designed to help you develop your Creativity Operating System – the core skills of Creativity.

your creativity toolbox

Use seempli for ideation, problem-solving, learning, overcoming creative blocks, team building, storytelling, and more.

team play

Play seempli together for even greater fun. Develop and apply your Creativity as a team, share your creative Insights and become a dream team.

new superpowers

Daily practice with seempli will enhance your concentration, productivity, and motivation, on top of your creative skills.

amazing value

Less than 2.5$ a month for the most extensive Creativity power tool designed for endless playful and creative time.

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