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vision and mission

Creativity can help anyone define and achieve their goals. Creativity can change the world.

Our mission is to inspire people to realize their creative potential by leading a creative life and applying Creativity in everything they do.

you are creative

We are all born creative. As children, we intuitively apply our creative skills. However, as we grow up, many of us lead a less creative life. Our mind is still programmed to be creative, but most of us do not realize this potential due to the lack of proper setup, mindset, and practice.

Leading a creative life is essential now more than ever before. Creativity can enhance everything we do in our professional, personal, and community lives. Our creative skills can literally become game-changers.

seempli™ is a super-tool designed to help you master your creative skills and apply your Creativity to everything you do. Based on The Creativity Operating System model, it is designed to inspire you to create more, experience more, and open up endless ideation opportunities.

the seempli games

Creativity and playfulness go hand in hand together. They feed each other. We strongly believe that no matter how serious your goals and aspirations are, to achieve them creatively you have to be in a playful mindset.

That is why seempli is first and foremost a game. Whether you wish to make your creative skills stronger or generate ideas for a real problem you face, with seempli you are going to have fun and achieve your goals while playing.

All our games are based on our original and innovative building blocks. As you will soon discover, this means seempli is truly infinite. With literally billions of possible playsets, each time you play you are going to experience, observe, and imagine different things. Our games are designed to surprise you, or more accurately, enable you to surprise yourself.

about lidor wyssocky

My name is Lidor Wyssocky. If I have to come up with a title for my passion, it would be Enabling Creativity.

Everything I’ve done in my professional and personal life was driven by the desire to inspire people to see the world differently. This vision drives me in my art, creating seempli, developing the c.os model, and helping individuals and teams ignite their creativity.

Sometimes this goal takes the form of telling a specific story. At other times, it takes the form of providing people with tools to help them find and tell their own stories. Either way, nothing makes me more excited than seeing that spark in the eyes of people who realize they have seen something or thought of something other people didn’t. It’s like inviting people to my secret universe and sharing it with them. And once you’re in, it becomes your own.

Visit LidorWyssocky.com for more of my work.

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