our mission

inspiring people to realize their creative potential


the vision

Our mission is to help anyone who wishes to realize their creative potential using playfulness and fun.

Creativity can help anyone define and achieve their goals. Creativity can change the world.

By creating the most comprehensive platform for developing, mastering, and applying Creativity, we aim for Creativity to become a habit as natural as breathing and help people apply it to everything they do.

the model

To re-ignite our natural Creativity, we have developed The Creativity Operating System model.

Creativity is chaotic and messy. Often, it is unpredictable. But we can create an optimal creative setup. The stronger and more flexible our creative muscles are, the more extraordinary, creative insights we will have.

Understanding the seven core skills that make us creative is essential to create habits, practices, and a setup that will allow our Creativity to thrive.

the playbook

Creativity has to be practiced. Daily.

The seempli Platform is the most extensive toolbox for developing, mastering, and applying Creativity.

With literally billions of creativity games and challenges, storytelling prompts, and ideation triggers, seempli is designed for daily play and practice. Just like Creativity itself, all plays are open-ended, full of unexpected discoveries, and 100% fun.

seempli is designed for all ages and for both solo or group play. Wherever you decide to take it, seempli will help you surprise yourself.

the beginning

My Name is Lidor Wyssocky. Until 2015 my life was divided between my career as a Quality Manager, my passion for urban photography, and the love for my family. I thought these three parts of my life had little in common.

And then, I had an insight. I realized that everything I do, regardless of domain and context, can be affected by my Creativity. The things I observe and how I see them, the discoveries I marvel, the questions I ask, the surprising connections I make, and my desire to imagine a better reality are the skills that shape every aspect of my journey in life.

With the realization that we are all wired for Creativity, I set off on a new journey. I envisioned a platform that will help anyone master their Creativity, apply it to any domain, and turn every challenge into an opportunity.

In addition to the ongoing evolution of seempli, I work with individuals and teams who wish to create a better setup for their Creativity to thrive.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the spark in someone's eyes in that magical moment when they have a creative insight.

In memory of Oshik Cohen who inspired me to see the world differently