Our Mission:
Igniting Creativity and Imagination

the vision

Our mission is to help you ignite Creativity in everything you do.

seempli is a comprehensive platform for developing, mastering, and applying Creativity.

We help you turn creativity into a habit as natural as breathing, and then integrate it perfectly into your workflow and processes.

We believe that if you wish to change the world, you must start with changing the way you see the world. And working with seempli is the best way to achieve that!

the concept

The core of Creativity is the ability to see things differently and build upon what we see.

We believe we can all be more creative. We are born with the passion for observing, exploring, imagine and create. But as we grow up these abilities become less and less apparent in our lives. We rarely practice the natural ability each of us had as a child: to explore the world and be amazed by it.

seempli is designed to re-ignite our ability to look at the world as if we see it for the first time – to be surprised with everything we see and to use what we see and sense to fuel our imagination and creativity.

The ability to see things differently affects any creative challenge we face. It promotes innovation, problem solving, critical thinking, and cognitive flexibility.

the game

The basic seempli gameplay starts with a Seed – a textual trigger you carry with you wherever you go. You don’t have to think about it or try to imagine what may come out of it. You just need to go on with your day, do whatever you planned to do… but with your eyes and mind open. Until… you seempli see it: something in the real world which you associatively connect to the Seed.

seempli Seeds are not riddles. There is no right or wrong answer. Each Seed is an open-ended invitation to observe the world and imagine. Seeds are like magical glasses that inspire you to see the world differently. So, whenever you feel you’ve found something inspired by the Seed, capture it, share it with the seempli community and with your friends, and show people how you see the world.

seempli is fun! It’s effortless (though not necessarily easy). It’s for everyone and can be played with at any time. And all you need is already with you: your senses and your imagination.

the platform

The seempli Creativity PlatformTM helps businesses, teams, educational organizations, and creative individuals to master the core skills of Creativity and apply them as an integral part of their processes and workflows.

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the value

Using seempli on a regular basis has amazing benefits:

  • You train your senses and your mind to experience the world differently.
  • You learn to change points of view and gain new perspectives.
  • You notice things around you that others don’t.
  • You use what you see and sense as fuel for imagining, creating, and coming up with new ideas.
  • And, you have so much fun you are smiling more often 🙂

You can play with seempli alone, with family and friends, or with your team at work, as well as integrate it in your professional processes and workflows.

the rest

Prisms, Booster, and Gears

The entire (and growing) collection of seempli Seeds is and will be forever free for you to play with (for non-commercial uses). We wanted seempli to be accessible for anyone who wants to ignite their creativity.

At the same time, seempli includes add-ons to take the creativity game to the next level. With the growing collection of seempli Prisms, seempli Boosters, and seempli Gears, our platform becomes virtually infinite.

You Can Ignite Creativity Too

The seempli Enabler program provides mentors, leaders, and educators the ability to spark creativity using the creativity game. A specialized collection of Team Play Prisms and B-Enabler Boosters will help you ignite the creativity of your mentees, your group, or your students.

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About Lidor Wyssocky

My Name is Lidor Wyssocky. For years I’ve been photographing in the streets of Tel-Aviv, always trying to bring to my audience the world as I see it through my eyes.

Around mid 2015 some things happened that made me realize that the unique way I see the world if far less important. What’s really important is that anyone can see the world differently. Anyone can interpret reality, imagine, and create. But most of us just don’t do it. That’s how seempli was conceived.

I’ve created seempli because we can all do magic with just our senses and our mind. We can rediscover the world, we can create stories and ideas, we can alter reality. It just takes a little fun practice, and with seempli you get just that!

Read also my column in The Creativity Post.

More about me and my work.


In memory of Oshik Cohen who inspired me to see the world differently