5 Things to Discover on the Way to Your Summer Vacation

It’s the peak of the summer vacation. Do you find yourself spending hours in line waiting for various attractions? Or maybe you are spending hours in the car on the way to your favourite resort? Are you stuck for hours on a plane? Well, it’s time to turn this dead time into fun time!

Here are 5 fun (re)discoveries you can make with seempli on the way to your perfect vacation alone, with your loved one, or with your entire family:

1. Discover Little Treasures


The world is full of little treasures. They are literally everywhere, and especially where you least expect to find them.

Kids have the natural ability to find little treasures, simply because they take nothing for granted. When you manage to get rid of the “been there, done that” mindset, you will actually start to experience things as if you see them for the first time. And that’s the secret of finding the treasures waiting to be found. And what would be a better time to practice this than this dead time on the way to “the official fun”?

Look around you and try to find unusual things just waiting to be found. When you find one, a smile is guaranteed.

2. Discover Different Perspectives

We all know it, things look different when you’re changing your perspective. But how many of us can really change our perspective? A simple fun way to regain this ability and make it a second nature is starting to look at things around you from different perspectives.

It starts with physically changing your position, or the angle of the object you look at. But can you imagine the other perspective? Can you imagine how something looks from the other side?

When you find yourself stuck in one place (like a plane) for a long time, it’s a perfect opportunity to look at things over and over again, trying to imagine them from different perspectives, or in different contexts.

3. Discover the Hidden Things

Little treasures are fun, but that’s just the beginning. When you really (really) open your eyes and mind, you begin to discover things which aren’t physically there.

Yes, you have to use your imagination, but this challenge is not about imagining things with your eyes closed. Seeing invisible things means actually seeing them (maybe in other things, maybe near other things). And just to make things even more interesting, try to capture your invisible findings. Can you? Will other people be able to see them? Can your kids see them? Can you see the invisible things your kids see?

Once you start seeing invisible things, nothing will ever look the same.

4. Discover How Your Kids See the World

Starting to get the hang of it? Are you starting to see things differently. Now imagine how your kids see the world. It has to be amazing!

Here’s the great part: you don’t really have to imagine. Invite them to play along. Pick a Seed or let your kids pick one, and look for it together. Or alternatively, each of you can try it separately and afterwards you can discuss what you have found and compare how each of you saw the world differently.

That’s not just a fun way to pass the time. It’s a priceless opportunity. You have a chance to be amazed with your kids. And also be amazing 🙂 

5. Discover Yourself

There are dozens of triggers you can use to see the world differently with seempli. Each with a different twist. Each of them is like a new pair of magical glasses that enhance your vision and imagination.

But the most amazing part of it is that while you are practicing looking outside, eventually they all make you look inside yourself.

So on your way to your vacation, or when you have a few dead minutes, look around you mindfully. Rediscover the world. And maybe, just maybe, you will rediscover yourself as well…


seempli is a fun revolutionary platform designed to inspire people to rediscover the world. It includes numerous triggers that help you open your eyes and mind. It’s simple, free, and will make you smile.

Read more about seempli here.

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