Can you see something which isn’t there?

The process of observing the world is amazing. It starts optically with light reflected by objects captured in our eyes. But that’s just the beginning. It is our mind that does all the real work from that point onward: interpreting the signals, associating it with familiar memories and experiences, and sometimes even complementing the picture with things which aren’t really there. It’s magical. It’s mysterious. And, it’s always fascinating.

The seempli seeds without exception rely on our mind’s ability to imagine, interpret, and create things which are not there. But the In-Visible seed is probably the best way to experience (and enjoy) the gap between what our eyes see, and what our mind does with it.

So, bookmark this seed, and go out, observe, imagine… until you seempli see it!

And don’t forget to share your insights on the seed’s page (and gain some points and cool achievements…)



seempli you soon,

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