Change Your Perspective

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
                                                                                                                                – Albert Einstein

How many times have your heard the sentence “you’ve got to change your perspective”? At work, in relationships, or in the context of finding a creative solution to a problem, changing your perspective almost always guarantees surprising positive results.

But how does one perform this magic? How can we simply change our perspective, especially if the original perspective is so rooted in our minds?

So, let’s start with the “bad news”: I don’t believe there’s a formula, or a step-by-step guide, for changing your perspective. But there are also good news…

Although we can’t really describe the process of changing perspective, we can practice it. Like any other ability (especially the ones that don’t come natural), changing perspective can be improved and perfected until it become as natural as breathing.

You can’t learn how to do it theoretically from an article or a textbook. The only way to learn and improve this ability is to actually practice it – exercise it. At first it might be unnatural and awkward, but in no time it becomes a fun exercise that can really change how you see things.

So, how can I exercise the ability to change my perspective, you may ask. Seempli!

Each seempli seed is an invitation to observe the world around you differently, which is really, when you come to think of it, adopting a new perspective. Some seeds, however, are literally fun exercises in changing your perspective – they are designed specifically with the goal to trigger a new perspective when you look at things. All you have to do is to pick a seed, clear your mind and go explore the world.

Don’t try to overthink the seed, or imagine what you might find. The idea is simply to observe and connect to the world around you, but (and that’s the perceptive-changing part) to view the world through the seed’s glasses.


Take the Upside Down seed for example. You will be amazed how many things can get a real new meaning when you look at them upside down. It’s tempting to start going over random objects in your mind and trying to come up with one. But don’t! Instead, just look around you in your way to work, at the office, at home, at the park… wherever you are, and try to see things through these glasses. Try to imagine the things that are literally in front of you upside down. Do they get a new meaning?

If you found something like that, you’ve just changed your perspective! And of course, if you look at even more things with these magical glasses, you will soon find out that it’s difficult to stop.


Changing your perspective is not a goal. It is a powerful thinking tool. It’s not only a great tool for creativity and innovation. It’s also essential in relationships and in any interaction with other people.

As other tools, it can (and should) be enhanced, improved, and perfected, and a great way to do that is by exercising it. And if we have some fun along the way…  what can be better? 🙂

seempli you soon,


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