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When people ask me what kind of a photographer I am, I find it hard to answer. I don’t like to define (or label) my artworks. So instead of defining my artworks, I describe what I love to do: I love wandering the streets just when the sun is rising, when the streets are almost empty and often the only sound I hear is the sound of my footsteps. The feeling is surreal, as if time is standing still. And if by any chance I find something I simply cannot ignore, everything becomes magical…

Sometimes, however, this magic requires a little push. Sometimes I find myself just walking and feeling something is missing. You might call it a creative spark, or just “the right mood”. When this happens you can stop and take a break, or you might want to try something… a little different.


I created seempli as a fun game anyone can use anywhere and anytime for boosting creativity. My vision was (and is) to inspire people to see the world differently. As it happens, we photographers can sometime benefit from a little help in this area as well.

Today, I’m thrilled to launch seempli’s Click Prisms and a unique online creative mentoring for photographers.

The new Click Prisms are designed specifically for photographers. When used with the ever-growing collection of seempli Seeds they create an infinite collection of open ended creative exercises that will help you open your eyes and mind, discover amazing things around you, and use them to imagine and create.

The entire collection of Seeds, Play Prisms, and Click Prisms is available as part of the new seempli Art membership plan. Together they make a perfect tool for your creative exploration. In addition, the seempli Art membership includes personal online mentoring that will help you find your unique creative voice (and have fun along the way :).

So, if you are looking for something to spice up your photography, or just to develop new perspectives and insights that will add additional layers to your artworks, pack your camera and try seempli Art. The world is waiting to be rediscovered!

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seempli you soon,

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