Creativity Workshop in a Box. Minus the Box

This week the world celebrated Creativity and Innovation Week. Just writing the word Celebrated feels awkward in these strange times. Many (if not most) of us are facing a new reality and with it so many personal and professional challenges.

With all these challenges, I believe this is a perfect time to acknowledge the importance of Creativity and the impact it can have on our lives. And I am not talking about the global scale challenges. Innovation will clearly be required to come up with a vaccine, and the global economic situation also poses serious questions that will require creative solutions. These challenges are beyond the control of most of us, but this does not mean we should just sit back and wait. Our Creativity can help us turn our personal and professional challenges into opportunities. And that is 100% in our hands.

More than a month ago, when it was already clear that we are going to face quite a few restrictions on our day-to-day operation, I had to put on hold our Creative Observation Tours. At the same time, many people around the world found themselves literally confined to their homes most of the time. Some of them alone, and some with their families. If the situation wasn’t stressful enough, this was a challenge by itself.

With that in mind, we launched a new remote family workshop — a guided creativity game. This two-hour activity was designed first and foremost to have a fun, creative break from the new routine that was imposed on us. Seeing the kids and parents smiling, working together, running around the house, playing with us, and capturing and creating amazing things, is inspiring. It is an experience. And with it came another idea.

Today, we are happy to launch the seempli Creativity Packs™.

The seempli Creativity Packs™ are hand-picked collections of creativity games, activities, and challenges. It is a whole new way to enjoy seempli. It is a creativity workshop in a box. Minus the box.

Each Creativity Pack is designed so you can play with it by yourself or with your friends and family. Apart from endless fun, each Creativity Pack will improve your creative skills beyond just playing the game.

Like all activities in seempli, each game is open-ended and therefore designed to be played multiple times. And every month, we publish a new themed Creativity Pack, so the creative fun never ends!

Ready to play? Sign up today and get 14 days of free trial.

Be creative!

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