Get in Rhythm

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Back in 2012, I launched a website designed to publish a single photo each day – a photograph taken somewhere in Tel-Aviv. I planned it as a year-long project, but eventually, it ran for four years. Some photos were great, some were just plain. But what was essential for me to was to create something every day.

Getting in rhythm sets your mind in anticipation mode and builds a habitClick To Tweet

Creativity benefits from rhythm. It is not the rhythm of the results that counts, but rather the rhythm of getting creative work done.

Whether it is a photography project, writing a 50 words story, or working on with seempli, getting in rhythm sets your mind in anticipation mode and builds a habit. Rhythm creates flow. Just like working out at fixed intervals prepares your body for the next workout.

How do you get into a creative rhythm? All you have to do is work on some creative challenge on a regular basis. Pick a challenge you can work on daily, and set a recurring task. Make sure not to skip a day. Remember that the work is more important than the result. Don’t wait for the muse to come. Just do it! As long as you get in the rhythm, you are on track.