Happy and Creative New Year

2017 has started and I would like to thank you for being part of a very exciting year.

Exactly one year ago we launched v1.0 of seempli. Since then the creativity game has expanded both in its content and in its community. By now our collection of seempli SeedsTM and seempli PrismsTM has grown to the point that you can play with it on a daily basis without repeating the same challenge twice. And as you know we keep adding new Seeds and Prisms on a weekly basis.

So the new year is an excellent opportunity to wish you the best year ever. May this year be your creative year, and may we all use our creativity to make the world a little better. 

Introducing seempli BoostersTM

2017 is going to be even more exciting for the seempli community. And we are starting it with the launch of a new addition to the seempli platform: seempli BoostersTM.


The seempli BoostersTM are designed to spice up the creativity game with ideas that will unleash your creativity if you happen to feel stuck, or if you just want to try a slightly different creative flow. Each Booster can work with any Seed and Prism, so they make a natural addition to seempli.

The seempli BoostersTM are available to seempli Pro and seempli Enabler members.

And as a special treat for the new year, our Pro membership is available at 20% discount from now on until January 10th using the promo code: SEEMPLI-NEW2017.

Be sure to use it to make this your most creative year ever!

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