I’m Starting to Like This Place

What happens when you ask kids to write down what they saw in a museum? Some pretty cool stuff!

Kids are masters of observing. They see the most unexpected things, or the most trivial things we are already used to ignore. Their eyes are connected to their minds in the most profound way. Anything can be used as raw material for imagining, creating, or just thinking about the world around them.

In this project done at MoMA, kids were asked to write down their thoughts after visiting the museum. Browse a few of these thoughts and try to imagine how does it feel to experience the world through kid’s eyes. Can it be anything less than amazing?

But you know what? You don’t have to imagine it. You can try it yourself. Right here. Right now. All you have to do is look around you mindfully with a clear mind. Pick up a seempli seed and use it as a pair of glasses to find amazing things around you. Even a simple walk down the street will never be the same. And maybe, for just a brief moment, you will see the world a s child again. Beware! It’s addicting 🙂

Source: MoMA.org
Source: MoMA.org


seempli you soon,

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