Imagine That…

Almost three years ago, when seempli was conceived, I sat down in front of a blank screen and tried to define my vision. The concept of seempli was clear to me then almost as it is today, and my mission was also more or less defined. But when I tried to imagine where seempli would be in five years I found myself using a vague, or should I say somewhat abstract, description.

A lot has happened since then. seempli evolved to the extent it now includes thousands of creative challenges; the platform has become more mature; the concept at the foundation of seempli has become more holistic, and our community is continually growing. Along this road, our vision became clearer and more vivid than ever. And today I would like to share it with you.

A few weeks ago I led an online creative workshop at a hi-tech company. It was a four-week long creative gym in which the participants got a daily creative challenge to play with throughout the day. The results were outstanding. In the course of these four weeks, dozens of people turned their dead time into creative fun-time. They observed, explored, imagined and created throughout the day without affecting their “regular” commitments. They were not instructed to do that; they were not measured or rewarded for this activity; they just wanted to develop their creativity and have some fun while doing so.

By the end of the workshop, these amazing people have created more than 1200 creative Insights in response to the daily creative challenges they received. It was amazing!

So this is our vision… imagine that…

People around the world are starting every day with seempli. They are picking a creative challenge and using it throughout the day to develop their creativity. They use seempli to take a creative break from their daily routine, observe the world around them mindfully, imagine, and get back to their tasks with their mind ready to see things differently – to turn any challenge to an opportunity.

Organizations encourage their employees to get in creative shape using the seempli Creative Gym on a daily basis, just like the physical gym many organizations offer to their members. These organizations realize that by practicing creativity as part of their culture will enable them to achieve things beyond imagination.

Schools and academic institutions use seempli to ignite creativity as part of any topic they teach. They understand that knowledge is the raw material, but to help their students be ready for the future – to help them create the future – they must also provide their students tools to develop their imagination and their ability to question what they learn – to see things differently.

seempli is the best platform for developing, practicing, and mastering the core skills that fuel creativity.

This is our vision.

Now, imagine your vision… and we will be right there to help achieve it.

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