Let the Games Begin

The past couple of weeks were as exciting as they were busy. The result is taking seempli to a whole new level.

But let’s start from the beginning…

From the first day I started to develop seempli I have had a clear mission: to inspire people to see the world differently, because changing how we see the world is the first step toward changing the world. I also knew how this can be achieved. Being surprised, even amazed, with everything we see around us is a natural ability all of us had when we were kids. So, all we need is a trigger that will revive this ability, and make it again our second nature. And if we can have some fun along the way… it’s even better!

This is how the concept of seempli Seeds was created: Take a Seed with you wherever you go, remember it, but don’t try to think of what it means or what you might find, look around you mindfully and openly, and sooner or later you will see some surprising thing inspired by the Seed.

With this concept in mind, seempli was launched, and by now our collection of Seeds already includes dozens of these magical glasses that can inspire us to see the world differently, and more Seeds are developed and added to seempli on weekly basis. But I wanted to take seempli to an even higher level and turn it into the the best creativity game.

This is how the seempli Prisms emerged.  

Each Prism is like a whole new mini-game based on the seempli Seeds. Each Prism introduces a new fun and challenging way to apply seempli using a different context, a set of constraints, or surprising interactions.

Let’s try one… take for example the Tune In seed:

The core, most fundamental, seempli Prism is simple: take this idea with you wherever you go, open your eyes and mind, until you find it. Nobody (not even you) can tell in advance what is it you will find. It depends on your the associations your mind creates, on your imagination, and of course on what you observer around you. It’s an open challenge, both in terms of the result and in terms of how you perform it.

Since each such Seed is open in nature, you can actually use the same Seed again from time to time, and never stop being surprised with what you find. It’s truly an endless game. But let’s add a twist to it. Let’s apply to this Seed a different Prism, like this one:


The Small World Prism is very similar to the basic game, but it adds a constraint: find something inspired by the Seed between the walls of the nearest room. So now, instead of having the entire world as your playground, your observation and imagination might need to work harder (or just differently). It’s a whole new game, and a potential for new surprising insights.

With the growing collection of dozens of Seeds and Prisms, seempli is now more than just a game for improving observation skills and boosting creativity. seempli is now a platform for endless imagination and fun.

And that is just the beginning…

Prisms Promo 01

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