On Looking

“We miss the world making itself available to be observed. And we miss the possibility of being surprised by what is hidden in plain sight right in front of us.”                – Alexandra Horowitz, On Looking

Did you ever find yourself talking to a book you were reading? Yes, really talking to it while reading, sometimes even in public places. Well, it happened to me, more than once, while reading On Looking by Alexandra Horowitz.

On Looking is a very special book. It was written following eleven urban walks the author did with different people (and one dog), each with a unique way to look at things. Each of these experts sees the world through different eyes, and during the walk exposes Alexandra to his or hers unique view of the world. With amazing sensitivity to details and a gentle and warm narrative, Alexandra describes each of these walks, and her eye-opening experience: how she rediscovers the city she thought she knew over and over again, finding new and amazing things, which were always right in front of her.

If you are already familiar with seempli, you probably understand by this point why On Looking was not only a great read, but also an amazing experience. Reading it felt like having a conversation with an old friend – someone who not only understands you, but is also in perfect sync with you. I kept saying to myself (and to my Kindle): “Exactly!”, “Such an amazing observation”, and “That’s what I had in mind when I created seempli”.

With the unique idea at the basis of On Looking and throughout her journey, Alexandra Horowitz managed to capture and express the vision at the basis of seempli: inspiring people to see the world differently. Whether you have another to walk with acting as an expert, or you are using seempli Seeds as triggers for discovery, or you just try to be aware of the world around you, observing it mindfully and openly – you just need to tune in and allow yourself to be amazed. You can experience the world with wonder, just like a child does.

So, here’s an action plan for the upcoming holidays:

  1. Read On Looking. If it won’t make you go out wanting to explore the world around you, it will at least be a great read.
  2. If after reading it you are feeling an urge to go out and discover new things, do it! Go out, open your eyes and mind. You will find something new that will amaze you.
  3. And if by any chance you would like a little help with that, take seempli with you for that walk. A smile is guaranteed!

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