Pixel Love

If you play with seempli on a regular basis, you might feel by now that some Seeds are more challenging than others. This feeling is of course 100% subjective. A Seed you may find easy to imagine and associate with might be more challenging to others, and vice versa. You might have also noticed that the more challenging you feel a Seed is, the more rewarding it is to capture an Insight inspired by it. 

Ok, so today I would like to offer you an even greater challenge: how about playing with a combination of two Seeds? Let’s give it a try…

Looking around you and observing the world are essential to creativity. Mastering the Observation skill is required for being able to use the Observe-Imagine engine in creative processes.

It might take a while until you find your Pixels + Love Insight, but while looking for it, you will find many other unexpected treasures. Capture them and share them… a smile is guaranteed!

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