Question Stream?

When was the last time you had a question, and you stopped to think about it or just left it hanging? Are we obsessively rushing to find answers instead of enjoying the unknown? Is the need for answers an addiction?

Which leaves more room for imagination and creativity: questions or answers?

How about trying to delay the satisfaction of having a response? Can we try writing down our questions and let them sink in? Might we come up with “the right answer” ourselves, without looking it up? And what’s the worse that can happen if we don’t? Can we enjoy revisiting a question which we don’t know the answer to? Is it possible to enjoy questions that no one has answers to?

If you are maintaining a journal, is it full of periods and exclamation marks or full of question marks? If you start recording questions, is it possible you will come up with additional ones? Is asking questions contagious? And if it is, wouldn’t that be great?

Will you take a minute to visit the seempli Wonder question stream? Does it look strange hosted on a platform with more definitive statements than questions?

Will you ask more questions tomorrow? Can you think of a reason why not?

See you next time?

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