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A few years ago, during one of my photo walks, I came across an ordinary WC sign with abstract man and woman figures. They were standing by each other as if they want to get closer, to hold hands, but they couldn’t. From a distance, they seemed white, but as I got closer, I noticed they are dirty, maybe even burnt, as if they had a pretty rough time. I took my camera out, and as I pointed it to the two flat figures I started to hear inside my head one of my favorite songs: Romeo and Juliet.

This was the beginning of what is now one of my favorite projects: The Re:Cover Project. It was a wonderful opportunity to remember songs I love and rediscover them — to listen to them again, dive into them, try to capture their essence, their spirit, or some personal connection.

Most of the time we hear music in the background of our life. It is not trivial to take some time and truly give in to the music. But when it happens it is amazing.

Taking another person’s creation and connecting to it, is a small miracle. One of the ways to achieve that is to try looking at the world as if it is part of the art you are trying to connect to. Instead of using the song as a background, let’s try to see the world as if it was created to play the song.

The My Music Seed is not only a great trigger for imagination and creativity, but also a wonderful way to dive into the music you love and rediscover new things about it, and about yourself.


Think of your favorite song or piece of music. Listen to it. Close your eyes and hear it as if you are hearing it for the first time. If it has lyrics, listen to them carefully, or read them as the music plays. Try to feel the mood. Try to imagine the scenery — how the stage would have looked like if this was a play.

Now, look around you, or go outside. Do whatever you planned on doing, but keep your mind set on the music, on the lyrics, and how you felt listening to it. Don’t look for the explicit and immediate meaning of the words, or of the title of the piece. Instead, try connecting to it at a deeper level. Let it tell you a story. Observe the world mindfully until you find and capture something inspired by the music you chose.

With the help of the My Music Seed, you can turn any piece of music into your own asset. With time you will notice that things you observe around you, suddenly activate a jukebox inside your head. People might not understand why you are smiling to yourself, or starting to whistle a tune. But all that matters is that you’ve got music in you.

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