ReMix and Get in Gear!

The February 2018 release of the seempli Creativity Platform is live with two exciting features that will help you take your creative skills even further!

Introducing: The seempli ReMix PrismsTM

As you know, our extensive collection of Seeds, Prisms, Boosters, and Gears is constantly growing. We are adding new elements to our platform on a weekly basis, so your creativity gym will always surprise you. However, adding a new type of Prism is a special event, and it really shakes things up (in the best sense possible).

The ReMix Prisms are designed as a new kind of creative challenges by defining surprising combinations of Prisms and Seeds. The possibilities are endless, and we are so excited to add more ReMix Prisms in the upcoming weeks and months.

The Redesigned seempli GearsTM

The seempli Gears were introduced as part of the seempli Platform exactly one year ago. Until then, seempli provided the best platform for creative-skills development. The seempli Gears extended the platform and added the ability to apply it to real-world challenges and opportunities.

After gaining some mileage with the seempli Gears, and getting great feedback from our community, we decided to redesign this module and make it even more useful. Each seempli Gear is focused on a specific goal, so you can choose the right Gear for the challenge you are trying to address. In addition, some of the Gears take advantage of the ReMix concept, so we were able to design them to fit specific scenarios or your specific creative process preferences.

We strongly believe that addressing your real-world challenges as a game, with a playful mindset, using the seempli Platform will not only be more fun – it is the most effective way to generate creative and surprising ideas.


The Remix Prisms and the redesigned seempli Gears are both integral parts of our open Pay As You Feel platform. You can access them any time without even being required to sign up via the seempli Me page. If you value what you get, we’d appreciate your support.

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