seempli Spots: Creative Playgrounds are Everywhere

Today, I am excited to launch the latest addition to the seempli Platform: seempli Spots™.

But instead of just telling you what seempli Spots are and how they fit into our creativity platform, please allow me to start with just how the concept for seempli Spots was conceived.

Like many others, I spend a significant part of August with my family on vacation. The highlight of our vacation was a trip to London, which I hadn’t visited for far too long. If you follow Habit Zero and this blog, you already saw some of the insights from this trip. It was the best time ever, full of music, theatre, art, great food, and just wandering in the streets, exploring places, people, and unfamiliar things. For someone whose motto is “observe and explore,” these eight days were a feast of discoveries and insights. I took so many photos and notes I will need some time to process it all.

Now, please don’t laugh, but with all these experiences in mind, one of the things I loved most in London was the Tube. From the iconic design of its map to its remarkable efficiency. From the variety of people you meet to the mysterious network of tunnels. It seems so carefully designed on one hand, and so eclectic on the other. No two stations are alike, and no two trips are the same.

We used the Tube daily, and it was a perfect time to observe, wonder, and imagine. And this experience got me thinking.

You see, from its first day, seempli was designed as a generic platform in the sense that it can be used practically anywhere and at any time. You can really play with most of the creativity games and challenges we offer no matter where you are. But at the same time, here I was, spending some time on the Tube, and I realized it is unlike any other place. This location has some characteristics (or dare I say some gems) which are unique. Take for example the names of the stations, or the overwhelming ads surrounding you, or the color of the lines. And so, I found myself playing some creativity games which can be played only on the Tube. Many of them are based on the building blocks already part of the seempli Platform. But now I realized they could be adjusted and fine-tuned to the unique experience of using the Tube.

I opened my notebook, started to take some notes, and this was the first seempli Spot I came up with.

So what are seempli Spots? Well, each seempli Spot is a collection of curated creativity games and challenges designed to be played in a specific location or a particular type of place. Imagine turning a visit to the zoo into a creativity game. Think about turning your office into a creative playground. Imagine turning the dead-time on your next flight into fun, playful time. You can already do that with our platform, but with seempli Spots, you now also have a dedicated set of games designed for each of these locations.

Today we are launching the first batch of seempli Spot Activities with three collections: Mind the Gap, Museum Adventure, and Another Day at the Office. In the upcoming weeks, we will release new collections, and over time we will continue to develop each of the collections, so be sure to keep visiting your favorite Spot page or follow seempli on Twitter.

You can play with each seempli Spot Activity by yourself or as a group. Sharing the games and, even more important, their outcome, is part of the fun.

Remember, we are all creative. We just need a chance to reignite our creativity and realize our creative potential. With seempli Spots, it is now easier than ever before.

Be creative!

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