Space Invaders

Remember Space Invaders? One of the first arcade games that since became the symbol of an era. I can still remember the real stress when those coarse-pixelated-allegedly-animated spaceships closed in on what must have been my base station (but existed only in my imagination). It was nothing like the hyper-realistic games which are common today. Simple as it was, it relied, without us realizing it, on our imagination. Nothing on the screen in front of us could have made such an impact without our imagination filling in the details.

In the same spirit, the Space Invaders Seed is an open invitation. You can use it as a visual flashback of the game, or a hatch to how it made you feel. You can associate based on the literal meaning of the words, or you can give them new and surprising meanings.



Look around you. Explore. Associate. Imagine. And create. And don’t forget to look up, as they are coming… 🙂

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