Summer Time

If you ask me what is the one thing I remember from any of my summer vacations, it would be the anticipation. More than I remember the vacation itself, I remember the feeling of waiting for it. I can just feel the excitement as if something new and unknown was about to begin. For an external observer, most of the vacation days might have looked ordinary, or even boring. But for me, common as they might seem, they were a kind of an adventure. Anything could have happened. And some of it did.

I guess that what made the summer vacation so exciting was the freedom. We had what seemed at the beginning of the vacation like unlimited time to explore, to discover, to imagine, and to create a world for ourselves. Isn’t that the purest kind of an adventure?

Today, for most of us, the first day of the summer vacation is just another ordinary work day. If you have kids, you might feel their excitement and get a chance to inhale some faint memory of adventure. And you know what? I believe we owe it to ourselves to re-live this sense of adventure once again.

This summer, you have a chance to do just that. This summer, you can give yourself the greatest present of all: you can create a world for yourself. You can start being amazed like a child again. You can start a new habit – a habit that will eventually change the way you see the world. This summer, I would like to invite you to the seempli Creative Summer Camp.

No, we’re not crazy: we know you have a job and a life, and that in general you are fully booked months ahead. But that should not stop you from joining the camp and from being excited with summer once again. Why? First, because our summer camp is a virtual camp. It all takes place wherever you are and with as a platform. You can take an active part in all activities whether you are on vacation with your family, or going to work each and every day in the next two months.

Our Creative Summer Camp includes dozens of creative activities, based on the seempli collection of Seeds and Prisms. It’s a great chance to do a fun creative workout that will ignite your imagination and creativity on a daily basis. And if you feel like bringing your family or friends on board, that’s even better! Sharing this adventure and inspiring each other is an enlightening experience.

If you are still wondering whether you can afford our Creative Summer Camp, you should know that it is 100% free. We want you to experience the impact seempli has when used on a daily basis and to realize what it can do for you. In return, we promise you that you will smile throughout the summer. As simple as that.

So, the ball is now in your court: sign up for the seempli Creative Summer Camp today and change how you see the world; ignite your creativity, and start imagining like a child again. And spread the word: we are going to have an AWESOME summer!

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