My son and I love the new wave of superhero movies. Antman, Doctor Strange, Captain America… it seems like every month a new superhero comes to lift on the big screen.

In a sense, that’s the purest most fundamental fantasy: there’s good, and there’s bad, and above all, there’s one person who somehow gains a superpower. Isn’t that everybody’s dream? Don’t we all want to be able to change the world with a unique power only we possess?


Well, it’s time to get one! With the superpower Seed, you are invited to look around you (or within yourself) and imagine your superpower.

Do you have the ability to shape clouds? Can you erase text with a slight wave of your hand? Can you split trees in half with your bare hands?

The Eraser


Axe Man


Cloud Shaper

Don’t overthink it. Just open your mind and let it take you somewhere unknown. Use what you see around you as raw material and shape it to your superpower. Capture your Insight either visually or in writing.

We all love to have a superpower like taking reality and shaping it as we imagine. But maybe we already have this ability within us… 

seempli you soon,

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