The Creative Butterfly Effect

One of the coolest things about the creative “process” is its randomness. Regardless of the many attempts to capture creativity as a process, I find it more effective to think of it as quite a random mess.

The chaotic nature of creativity has an amazing side effect. When you start this messy “process” and if you are really into it, it starts to affect other tasks, projects, and even completely different areas of your life. It is the creative butterfly effect.

When you are creative, you literally see things differently. It may start with the concrete problem you are trying to solve. But, if you get into a creative flow, you will not be able to avoid seeing other things through the creative glasses as well. You will begin to see opportunities everywhere. You will see new potential in everything. Your imagination will not rest. Nothing will have just one meaning.

That’s why creativity should not be confined to specific times or projects. It should be a cultural force that affects everything you do. You should be in a mindset to identify and embrace these new opportunities. They might be more valuable than the original problem you meant to solve.

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