The Future is Here

Science Fiction movies fascinated me since I was a kid. Apart from the futuristic technology and the cool characters, I always found the futuristic landscapes magical. It doesn’t matter if it was clean and ultra-modern, or post-apocalyptic. There was always something familiar about it, but at the same time, it looked so distant and unreal.

Soon I began to imagine such futuristic landscapes in the real world. Trivial things on the street, in nature, or even at home started to look like imaginary backgrounds from a sci-fi movie.

Years later, as a photographer, I’ve created the Distant Earth series. While the colors I used were artificial in most cases, the objects in all the works of the series were left untouched. They were captured as I saw them – a distant memory from a possible futuristic landscape.

The Futuristic Landscape Seed is an invitation to imagine the future using things you find here and now. Look around you throughout the day and try to imagine how what you see in the present can be part of a futuristic landscape. Capture it in a photograph, a drawing, or in writing, and try to give it a futuristic feeling.

Will the future be better? Will it be more dramatic? Or will it just be different? Only your imagination can answer that…

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