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Do you remember any of your school teachers? Do you remember the best teachers you had? What was it that made them better teachers and more memorable than others?

Your best teachers were probably inspiring. Their teaching methods were probably creative, and at the same time, they encouraged you and your friends to be creative. Your best teachers were likely to urge you not only to get answers, but also to ask questions. They ignited what would best be described as “something else” in the classroom.

When I started to work on seempli, I envisioned it as a game for everyone who would like to boost their creativity, improve their ability to see things differently, and imagine once more like children do. Since then, I found myself surprised time and again with new applications I didn’t initially think of, and more people who are exploring the seempli platform and rediscovering it, as much as they are rediscovering the world.

Today, we are launching a new program designed specifically for K-12 teachers. We believe our future depends on the ability of today’s children to see things differently, not take anything for granted, and develop their unique creative voice. And we know what important role you, their teachers, hold in shaping their future.

The seempli K-12 Program provides teachers free access to the entire seempli platform. It will enrich your toolbox with numerous activities you can apply in different contexts. seempli will help you trigger curiosity, creativity, and imagination in the classroom. It will help the children you teach to learn to see and accept different points of view. It will promote critical thinking and questions as opposed to taking things for granted. And most important, it is pure fun!

The seempli K-12 Program is 100% free for K-12 teachers and education students. And to help you get to know the different types of activities and how you can apply them in the next school year, we are launching a unique virtual Creative Summer Camp, designed specifically for teachers.

I would like to invite you to sign up for the seempli K-12 Program and our Creative Summer Camp and make the next school year unforgettable.

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