The Human Factor

I have a confession. I haven’t told this to anyone before, and maybe even the people most close to me would be surprised. I love watching people. I hope you don’t think that’s too bizarre. People just intrigue me. When I’m on the train, when I’m waiting in line, or when I walk in the street, I almost always find someone that makes me curious.

If you happen to see the visual art I create, you might rightfully wonder how can I be so fascinated with people and yet never photograph them. You see, for me, people are not used as subjects in visual images. They are the inspiration. I believe the people I watch are always present in my photographs, even if they are not physically part of the scene. I try to imagine their stories, without ever talking to them. I try to sense what they are thinking and feeling, but eventually, it is all in my head.

It doesn’t matter if “I got it right”. There is no right or wrong answer. For me, observing people is just like listening to music or looking at abstract art: it is an invitation for imagining, not guessing what the artist meant to express.


The Human Resources Seed is an opportunity to find the magic in people and try to imagine the story they carry with them. The key of this Seed is not to photograph the people you observe. Try just to watch them and use what you sense as inspiration for exploration. After observing the person you chose from a distance, go out, look around you, observe the world until you find an Insight inspired by what you sensed.

I hope you will have a meaningful experience.

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