The Seempli Lenses

By now seempli includes dozens of seeds, each can be used as a pair of glasses to see a unique detail or dimension of the world around us. Each of the seempli seeds is self-contained. There’s no particular order for using the seeds. Picking up a random seed has an element of surprise to it – it’s exciting and challenging. Picking up a random seed and not looking for a specific one, brings the real edge to improving your observational skills and creativity.

But sometimes, you may want to focus on a particular level of observation. This is where the seempli lenses become useful.

Each seed we create is part of a seempli lens. Each of the four lenses is focused on a different dimension of observation, starting from a simple observation on the world and up to deep introspective insights on oneself.

I Spy

The I Spy lens is designed for the most basic level of observation training. It’s a great way to start playing with seempli.

But don’t think this is just an I Spy game! You will have to look beyond the obvious, so prepare to open your eyes and mind. Be imaginative… and let the world surprise you!


The In-Sight lens introduces a second level of observations to the seempli game. It is focused on more abstract concepts and challenging combinations.

As always, there is no right or wrong answer. Everything goes! Really! So take the random seed from the In-Sight lens and go see the world differently…


The Storytelling seeds are the gate to the next level of observation.

The Storytelling seempli seeds will help you improve your ability not only to see the world differently, but also imagine new worlds and stories. Because everything you see around you has a story to tell.

Inside Out

The way we see the world eventually changes the way we see ourselves. The Inside-Out seeds are designed for introspection by using external observation.

As with other seeds, it starts with observing the world, but this time, try to use what you find as raw material for finding out things about yourself.



The four seempli lenses are not levels. You can jump from one lens to another freely, and this is even encouraged. Going “back” to I Spy, for example, after using some Storytelling seeds, will provide you new insights: you might even want to go back to seeds you’ve already done and discover new things. That’s the real fun in seempli: your view on the world is constantly changing. And with it, so do you.

seempli you soon,

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