This is on us.

The world has gone crazy.
Politicians are burning down the house.
Social networks amplify lies, hatred, and violence.
Powerful people and organizations controlling the economy, and eventually us.

And we…
We mumble in disbelief, we post, we add some hashtags, and we move on with our lives. At least most of us do. Most of the time.

Don’t blame the world.
Don’t blame politicians.
Don’t blame social networks.
Don’t blame the powerful people.

Blame the people who really allow this organized chaos to go on for years and decades.
We should blame ourselves.

Every time we see something shocking in the news and switch the channel — it’s on us.

Every time we see wrongdoing, and we walk away — it’s on us.

Every day we continue to work for companies that benefit from this twisted method — it’s on us.

Every day we work for companies that don’t actively promote diversity and inclusion — it’s on us.

Every time we post, share, and like in the same platforms that thrive when we think less, feel less, and empathize less — it’s on us.

Every time we don’t go out and vote — it’s on us.

Every day that passes without thinking about how each and every one us can make a small difference — it’s on us.

The world has not gone crazy.
We did.
It’s entirely on us.

We can fix this.

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