When playing with seempli on a regular basis, there’s a good chance you will come across a Seed you already played with. seempli includes hundreds of Seeds, and our collection is growing on a weekly basis. But since picking a random Seed is an integral part of so many seempli PrismsTM and seempli GearsTM, you are sometimes bound to draw a Seed you are already familiar with.

When this happens, your natural tendency might be to try picking a different Seed. It’s a valid option, but since our goal is to challenge our creativity, there’s a far better option!

Let’s take a random Seed which just happened to show up in my seempli Me page: Zoom.

So, when I played with the Zoom Seed for the first time, my first association was an optical zoom. As a photographer, this was an obvious (and the easiest) interpretation, and therefore I started to look for things inspired by it.

Now, when playing with the same Seed again, I can do one of two things. The first option is to stick with the same interpretation but look for a different kind of Insights inspired by it. If for example, I’ve focused on things which look as if they are in close up in the first time, I can now try looking for things that look like zoom lenses. By doing so, I don’t use a different interpretation of Zoom. I just change my focus and concentrate on a different aspect of the same interpretation.

[clickToTweet tweet=”You can take each seempli Seed to numerous different domains” quote=”You can take each seempli Seed to numerous different domains”]

The second option is taking the Seed to an entirely different domain. To me “Zoom” is also associated sound, so why not looking for things that produce a sound like “Zooooooooooom”? This line of thought takes the same Seed to a whole new playground and adds a new world of associations.

And if you would like a third possible interpretation, why not looking for things that move super-fast?

I used to say each seempli Seed is like a pair of magical glasses you use to see the world differently. This does not imply, however, that each pair of glasses has only one use. Far from it. Your brain is capable not only of using the glasses and seeing things differently but also of changing the lenses – using them with a slightly (or entirely) different meaning.

[clickToTweet tweet=”There is an infinite number of ways to use each building block in the seempli #Creativity Platform” quote=”There is an infinite number of ways to use each building block in seempli”]

The seempli Creativity PlatformTM is truly infinite. Not just thanks to the vast number of Seeds, Prisms, Boosters, and Gears, but also because there is an endless number of ways to use each building block. 

You just have to imagine…

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