Au Contraire

When you face a big, complex, or highly abstract challenge, it is often difficult to come up with ideas for a creative solution. One way to generate ideas is to simplify the problem or focus on one or two dimensions of the problem at a time.

To do that we need to simplify the challenge or break it down to its dimensions. One surprising way to do that is to think about its opposite.

When you are forced to come up with the opposite of an abstract, obscure, or very complex concept, you are unconsciously focusing on one or two traits. They might not be the most important traits, and by definition, they won’t capture the entire scope of the challenge. But such simplification is an effective trigger for generating new ideas. Later, you will have to refine them, adapt them to the broader context, and verify they still hold. But this preliminary ideation technique is a good starting point to come up with surprising ideas.

Try practicing this technique with some seempli Seeds, especially the more abstract ones.



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