Be Playful

Being playful when working with seempli is pretty natural, especially when you are playing beyond the context of any specific project, but just practicing your creativity. But can you imagine being playful when trying to solve a real problem you are facing — a problem that may have professional or personal consequences?

Well, it is indeed far less trivial to be playful in such circumstances. But, when you are in need of a creative solution, playfulness is one essential ingredient.

If you manage to ignore the consequences of your problem for some time and treat it as a game or a creative challenge, the chances of coming up with an innovative solution highly increase. Using seempli to help you generate ideas is a perfect way to do so.

One way to forget the context of the problem for some time is to phrase it more abstractly. In the back of your mind, you will still remember the context and the actual challenge you are facing. But the more you will concentrate on the abstract or higher-level phrasing, the better chance you have to gamify the process.

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