Delayed Answers

Whether we are exploring an artwork or stumbling upon a professional challenge at work, we are designed to be curious and ask questions. Often, we are tempted to look for the answers — the official answers — to these questions externally. And today, more than ever before, when information is so accessible, looking for answers has become practically the automatic thing to do.

Knowledge is power, and the “real” answers to our questions are obviously relevant. But if we just delay getting these answers a bit, we create an excellent opportunity for our imagination to step in.

When you wonder about something, don’t settle with asking questions. Try to come up with answers by yourself. Don’t necessarily use previous knowledge or your logic for that. Instead, use your imagination — try to imagine the answers even if what you imagine has no basis in reality. Use your questions as an opportunity to actively practice your imagination. As a side-effect, you just might come up with surprising answers that are more enlightening than the official ones.

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