From Dead Time to Fun Time

Developing a skill (any skill) requires practice. And practice takes time.

Mastering the core skills of creativity – observation and imagination – is no different. Ongoing practice, on a daily basis, is essential to make our mind more flexible and rewire it to see things differently. That is why we call seempli a Creativity Gym.

But unlike going to a real gym to improve your fitness, you can play with seempli and develop your creativity in your “dead time” no matter where you are. Use whatever idle time you have to look around you use some Seeds and Prisms and turn this time into a creative fun time.

Just think about your “dead time” from the past day. What did you do when you walked from the parking to the office or when stood in line in the grocery store? What did you do while you waited for the train or while you prepared breakfast?

All this time can be used to practice your creativity. As a side effect, you will find yourself smiling much more 🙂



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