Hand in Hand

Additional brain power is always a good idea. But when it comes to generating creative ideas for the challenge you are working on, another person – another pair of eyes and a totally different mind – can really do wonders.

We are often stuck with one or several concrete ideas. We are often held captive in one perspective. The seempli Creativity Gym is designed to help us set our mind free and rewire it so we will start seeing things from a new and surprising perspective.

Sharing the challenge we are facing, whether it is a seempli Challenge or a real-world one, can help our mind see other options very quickly and teach it to look for things other than what we consider obvious.

Sharing the challenge with someone else will immediately generate new ideas. Most of these ideas might not be relevant or applicable when analyzed later, but that is not the point of the ideation phase. We aim for making the ideation process more flexible and open to new possibilities, and the more ideas we gather, the better.

You might wonder why we advise not to discuss the challenge or the thinking process with your partner to this exercise. The reason is we would like our partner to be free from the constraints and assumptions we might have. Some of these assumptions might be real, but others might be the result of our limited thinking patterns and our concrete experience. When we are addressing the challenge with as few constraints and assumptions as possible we are setting the ground for many more ideas. Some of them will be rejected later, but they might still be used as triggers for another, more refined, set of ideas.



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