Let Kids Lead

Kids are more creative than adults, on average, of course. Whether you agree with this statement, which is now supported by research, or not, we can all agree that kids have a unique point of view.

When playing with seempli, it is refreshing every now and then to share with kids the challenge you are playing with and see how they react to it. Let them lead the way and follow their steps. See what insights they find, and look for Insights of your own.

And the same applies to real-world challenges you are facing. Try phrasing a problem you need to solve in simple, even abstract, words, and share it with a couple of kids. Observe how they react to it and what is their line of thought. They will probably bring it to a context they are familiar with; they won’t take into account any external constraints, and above all, chances are they will be free from assumptions. And that’s precisely what you need to start generating creative ideas.

Follow their lead and record any Insight or idea they might have. You will have time to refine and analyze these ideas later. For now, just observe, ask, engage, and be ready to be surprised!



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