The Peekaboo Booster is an exercise in clearing your head as a step to coming up with creative ideas. Research shows that taking a walk or even a shower helps a lot of people be more creative, simply because in a sense it resets the mind and makes room for new inputs or surprising connections to emerge.

With the Peekaboo Booster, we are trying to achieve the same effect with pure mindfulness. Whether you are playing with a Seed or trying to solve a real-world challenge, try closing your eyes and clear your mind. It is not easy to focus on the essence of the problem you would like to solve without thinking about concrete solutions or associations. But that’s what we are aiming for, just before we open our eyes again, ready to absorb new inputs from our surrounding.

A slightly different variant of Peekaboo is not even thinking about the Seed or the challenge you are facing at all. Try to clear your mind completely and then look around you for Insights that will help you address it.




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