So, this might seem like a tip in a tourist guide. And in some sense it is. The beauty of it is that it can (and should) be applied to everyday activities and challenges.

We are so used to taking the shortest road to anywhere that we have forgotten what we might be missing. The side routes, the smaller, less-traveled ones, often hide real treasures in plain sight. We just have to look.

Taking the side roads also encourages us to look more deeply and mindfully at things, only because we are moving slower.

Try taking this tip literally. Take a seempli challenge with you and choose a side route to wherever you might be going. You’d be amazed at what you will find.

The next step is reading this Booster metaphorically and applying it to whatever you do. We all have deadlines. We all have busy schedules. But sometimes, taking things slow and not rushing to the most obvious path to solving a problem, has the potential of much more significant benefit and many creative opportunities along the way.

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