Speak Up

We often keep whatever it is we are thinking about in our mind. Articulating the challenge we need to solve, whether it is part of the seempli practice or a real-world problem, and saying it out loud, can help us tune our mind to finding a relevant Insight.

Phrase the challenge you need to address in a short, even abstract, statement. Don’t go into all the details. Instead, find a phrasing you can easily remember and repeat. Then, say it to yourself throughout the day, especially in times not dedicated to thinking about the issue. Look around you while you are doing so, and you just might find some Insight – possibly from an entirely different domain and context – that can lead you to a surprising idea.

To practice this method, trying doing the same with a seempli Seed. You don’t need to rephrase it, just say it to yourself (but not in your mind) throughout the day and look around you mindfully. Expect the unexpected.



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