When you are going to gym you know you are working out when you sweat or when you feel your muscles. When you are exercising (or applying) your creativity, your indication of being effective is being surprised!

Surprising yourself and planning to be surprised sound like oxymorons. How can you plan something which is unplanned by nature? How can you expect something and still be surprised?

Well, that’s the beauty of it: you have to be in the right mindset, look for surprises, create the right settings for surprises to happen. It doesn’t mean you know in advance what the outcome will be, but you are doing whatever you can to set the ground for a surprising result.

What does that mean in practice? A good place to start is by looking around you with an open mind. Wheather you are merely practicing your creativity or you are facing a real challenge, look around you for Insights. You are bound to be surprised!



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