Take the First Step

Whether it is personal or organizational, any journey should be accompanied by a vision — the destination you are heading to and what you aim to achieve — and a good enough view of the path. But in many cases, we use the lack of detailed vision and an apparent path as an excuse to avoid taking the first step.

There are many cases where taking the first couple of steps is exactly what we need to have a clearer vision of our destination. Starting something — bringing an idea into the real world, even if just as a seed that begins to grow — often provides valuable insights and sharpens our understanding of what we really aim for.

Take the first step, even when you don’t know everything. Take the first step, even when you are still in the dark. Be sure to continually ask yourself if you are walking too far without a clear destination, but don’t avoid the adventure of taking a couple of steps in uncharted territory.

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