Change Log

The following is a list of changes to the seempli Web Platform.
New Seeds, Prisms, Boosters, and Gears are added on a weekly basis and are not listed here. 

Version 2.4.0, February 2018

  • [NEW] Introducing: The ReMix PrismsTM
    • A whole new type of Prism designed to take your creativity even further
    • Mix Prisms and Seeds to uncover a new level of creative challenges
    • Multiplying the number of creative challenges in the seempli Platform
  • [NEW] The New seempli GearsTM
    • A complete redesign of our unique Gears, with dozens of Ideation, Self-Development, and Introspection activities aimed to apply seempli to real-world challenges and opportunities

Version 2.3.1, January 2018

  • [NEW] Enhanced Boosters
    • The seempli B-Pro Boosters are now enhanced with Creativity and Problem-Solving tips.
    • All B-Pro Boosters are now available as part of the free seempli Explorer Plan

Version 2.3, December 2017

  • [NEW] Team Page
    • seempli Team members can now see the seempli Karma level and points of the entire team. Share more Insights to lead the scoreboard!
    • seempli Team members can now see all Insights shared by the team in one place for better interaction between team members.
    • And Team Admins can add and remove users from the same hub for all Team info and action
  • [NEW] New Starter Kit
    • Three weeks to get you started with seempli – turning creativity into a habit
  • [NEW] New Achievements in seempli Karma
    • Share Insights, comment, use Prisms and Gears… and earn Achievements with extra points
  • [UPDATE] Redesigned seempli Me Page
    • The seempli Me page now includes more resources and information – all with a cool new design,
  • [UPDATE] Redesigned Enabler Zone
    • Easier (and nicer) access to the entire content of the seempli Platform for Enablers

Version 2.2.1, October 2017

  • [UPDATE] New Level Graphics
    • To match our rainbow logo 🙂
  • [UPDATE] New Prism Design
    • We refined the Prism design as well as it’s connection to the Seeds collection
  • [FIX] Search in Main Menu Restored
    • We searched for it and found it!

Version 2.2, September 2017

  • [NEW] Automated Start seempli Training 
    • Our three-week Start seempli training is now fully automated and will be delivered to new seempli Explorer members daily via email.
    • The training is 100% free and is part of our forever free Explorer track.
    • seempli ProTM and seempli EnablerTM members are entitled to one month of interactive personal mentoring
  • [UPDATE] Get in PRO Shape Page Redesign
    • Our Get in PRO Shape page (for seempli Pro members) is not based on the Get in Shape Gear, so you get a Prism and the relevant number of Seeds in one click.
  • [UPDATE] Design Changes
    • Web-Site beautification

Version 2.1, August 2017

  • [UPDATE] Changes in Seed Pages
    • Design changes to Seed Page template
  • [UPDATE] Minor wording updates to our Terms of Usage

Version 2.0.2, March 2017

  • [UPDATE] Major Performance Improvements
    • Because faster is better (at least when it comes to web sites)
  • [UPDATE] Redesigned Get in Shape Page 
    • The Get in Shape page will present a random Prism from our Pro Prism collection every now and  then
    • Oh… and the same applies to the seempli Me page 🙂
  • [NEW] New Logo
    • It’s hard not to like it 😉

Version 2.0, February 2017

Version 1.6.1, January 2017

  • [NEW] New Account Page
    • A new Account page including all your account and profile data.
  • [FIX] Minor Bug Fixes

Version 1.6, January 2017

  • [NEW] Introducing seempli BoostersTM
    • B-Pro Boosters will help you unleash your creativity and help you when get over alleged creative blocks
    • B-Enabler Boosters will guide you through building an amazing mentoring activity with seempli
    • Available for Pro and Enabler members only (respectively)
  • [NEW] The New Enabler Zone
    • All the resources you need to spice up your next mentoring session with seempli
    • Available for Enabler members only
  • [NEW] Get in PRO Shape Page
    • Bookmark it for a daily creative exercise based on a random Seed, a random Prism, and an optional Booster
    • Available for Pro and Enabler members only
  • [UPDATE] Nicer Upload Image Button
    • To match the overall look and feel
  • [UPDATE] Uploading Spinner
    • When you upload an Insight you now get a visual indication while upload is in progress
  • [UPDATE]  New Prism IDs
    • ID of Words Prisms and Team Play Prisms was changed as preparation for future developments.
  • [UPDATE] Performance Improvements
    • Behind the scenes tweaks to make you happier 🙂

Version 1.5, December 2016

  • [NEW] UI Redesign  
    • We wanted everything to look a bit more AWESOME!

Version 1.4, September 2016

  • [NEW] Group Management
  • [UPDATE] Minor Design Changes
    • Because we like things to look good 🙂

Version 1.3, May 2016

  • [NEW] Live Chat 
    • Live chat throughout the site to help you get started, or give you some tips when you’re feeling stuck.
  • [NEW] WhatsApp Sharing
    • Now you can share any Seed, Prism, Insight, or Blog Post using WhatsApp directly from the site. No more need to copy/paste links 🙂
  • [NEW] Support for Textual Insights
    • Textual insights that do not include a photo now appears in the seempli me page with a default graphic

Version 1.2.2, April 2016

  • [UPDATE] Infrastructure Update
    • All kind of under-the-hood stuff you will enjoy without ever knowing it 🙂

Version 1.2.1, March 2016

  • [NEW] Enhanced Security
    • The entire platform is now SSL enabled, so any data you transmitted to the site, from login details to insights you share, is transmitted securely. Please note that payments are done via PayPal as before to provide an even greater level of security.
  • [UPDATE] Site Performance Improvement 
    • Everything is faster, so you’d be happier
  • [UPDATE] Hebrew Translation
    • All Seeds, Play Prisms, and Click Prisms are now translated to Hebrew.

Version 1.2, February 2016

  • [NEW] Multi-Language Support
    • Infrastructure for multi-language support added
  • [NEW] Hebrew Translation
    • Most content is translated to Hebrew. Full Hebrew translation will be gradually added during the upcoming month.

Version 1.1, January 2016

  • [NEW] Enabler Zone
    • Provides Enabler members to create Workshops and Activities