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Once upon a time, there was a teenager who was pretty sure he wasn’t creative. He didn’t know why this thought was planted in his head. I don’t think he had ever wondered about that more than he had wondered why his height was average. This kid never drew or wrote a story. He loved music, but he never learned to play any musical instrument. He went to all the parties but didn’t like to dance. He didn’t practice any form of art, and to him, that meant he was not creative.

Sometimes, this kid found himself looking at things as if they were part of a movie. He used to tilt his head and imagine a slow and smooth camera movement. The world was much more interesting that way.

Thirty years later, here I am writing this (we’ll try to understand together what exactly this is in a moment) about creativity with the pretentious name: The Creativity Operating System. Somewhere along the way, I discovered I could express myself with photography. I liked what I managed to create, and others seemed to like it as well. In parallel, I was also a Software Developer and then a Quality Manager, which seems quite a step backward in terms of creativity, but we’ll get to that soon enough. And then, I created seempli with the ambitious goal to help anyone on the planet realize their creative potential. Which is quite a journey for someone who “knew” he didn’t have even an ounce of creativity.

So, what exactly is this that you are reading?

Well, first, it is an attempt to capture how creativity works and how we can improve it. Again, quite a goal, especially considering that I have no formal education on the subject. I have only my personal experience and my view on the experiences of others. In a sense, The Creativity Operating System is the underlying architecture of seempli. However, seempli was not derived from my understanding of the Creativity Operating System. In fact, my thoughts about how creativity works were (and still are) derived from working on and with seempli every day for the past four years.

So, is this a blog? Not really, although it will certainly look like one at first. I will share article-like pieces every week or two. But unlike a blog, I see these posts as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Ultimately, they will form one body of work with a coherent view of creativity. Hopefully, you will find it helpful and take it further to realize your creativity.

Will this be a book? I honestly don’t know. It might be 50-pages long or 250-pages long. We’ll just have to see how it goes, and that brings me to what I would like to ask you…

If you happen to come across The Creativity Operating System while it is in the works, your feedback would mean the world to me. If you could spare two minutes to share your thoughts with me after reading a post (or hopefully more than one), I will be able to fine-tune this experiment (or even change direction) on the fly. This is the primary reason I am sharing this work in progress.

OK. The best way to start is to jump right in.

Here we go.