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A powerful combination: the seempli Creativity Packs™ and the seempli Playbook™.

Every month we issue a new curated collection of creativity games, activities, and challenges, hand-picked by Lidor Wyssocky, the creator of seempli, and a Creativity Enabler. 

And the seempli Playbook includes dozens of activities that will help you apply seempli to ideation, learning, team building, and reflection.

Take our sample pack for a creative test drive.
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what makes seempli Pro so special


Be Playful

Surprise yourself with new playful challenges that will ignite your creativity and brighten your day.


Anywhere. Anytime.

Designed to be played no matter where you are, whenever you need a creativity boost.


Future-Ready Skills

Enhance your ideation and problem-solving capabilities by developing and using your Creativity Operating System™


Play Together

Play with your friends and family and turn your time together into fun, creative time.


Creativity Plus...

Playful creative breaks with our creativity packs increase productivity, motivation, and engagement.


Unbeatable ROI

Amazing value for as little as 5$ a month.

Get 2 free months with our annual subscription.

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What people are saying

What an easy and meaningful stimulation for any ideation workshop for product-/service-design!

If you want to stimulate your own or your team´s creativity and develop one of the most important leadership qualities in the 21st century, you've come to the right place.

Erik Schumb, Founder and CXO of Agile Sprints

“Tried it in our company, recommended!

Lidor has the talent to help increasing creativity in a friendly way, and without investing extra effort or time. Didn't think it is possible before I was introduced to seempli. Thumbs up.“

Michelle Koren, Head of SDN applications and Network Management, ECI Telecom

seempli has added skills to my life in a way that no photography or writing course ever did.

seempli has given me just the right balance of guidance and freedom to wander, see, write, and, of course, photograph. It is a catalyst for real learning!"

Tom Harris, Teaching Engineer

“Since I play with seempli, I see little surprises every day. It helps me to be more observant and see more. I like the way the game has played.”

Liene Grenevica, Director, Draugiem Group