That moment when the lights turn off, and the first frame of a movie shows up. The moment when you take the first step in a new workplace. The first day of school. Beginnings are exciting. It's true for the beginning of a book or a movie as much as it is for starting a new job, project, or relationship.

In this Creativity Pack, we are celebrating Beginnings of different types and contexts. We will play with associations Beginnings, but we will also recall and create some beginnings of our own.

You can think of this Creativity Pack as a game. We prefer to think of it as an opportunity. Use it, and especially the second part, as the beginning of a new journey. And don't forget to enjoy the road.

before we start

If you are new to seempli, here's what you should know:

100% of our games are open-ended: they are not riddles, and so there are no right or wrong answers. The games are designed to trigger your imagination and Creativity, so whatever you make of them is just perfect!

Each game should result in something tangible you can capture: the outcome of the activity. We call these outcomes Insights. If no specific Insight type is specified, capture a photo of what you found or created or describe what you thought or felt in writing. We highly recommend saving all your Insights (or a photo of them) in an Insight Journal, so you can reflect on your creative journey (and the hours of fun you had).

Our games and activities are designed for playing more than once. In fact, each time you play, you are bound to discover and create new things. Playing with the same game again, just makes it more challenging, so you improve your creative skills by design.

And a tip dedicated to this edition:

There are many cases where taking the first couple of steps is exactly what we need to have a clearer vision of our destination. Starting something — bringing an idea into the real world, even if just as a seed that begins to grow — often provides valuable insights and sharpens our understanding of what we really aim for.

Take the first step, even when you don’t know everything. Take the first step, even when you are still in the dark. Be sure to continually ask yourself if you are walking too far without a clear destination, but don’t avoid the adventure of taking a couple of steps in uncharted territory.



In the beginning...


For our first game, let's explore the concept of Beginning. We will do so using Creative Exploration.

Look around you wherever you go, no matter where you are, for things associated with or inspired by Beginning. The options are endless. Let your mind flow with the concept and don't dismiss anything.

When you see something connected to Beginning, use it as inspiration for writing a Haiku.

Continue to observe throughout the day and find other things that demonstrate the idea of Beginning. By the end of the day, you should have a collection of Haikus like short textual photographs of all the beginnings you have discovered.



An Acrostic is a poem (or another form of text) in which the first letters of each line form a new word or sentence. Let’s play with this beautiful constraint.

Use the Honeycomb Seed and write a poem inspired by it. You can start with Creative Exploration and look around you for things associatively related to the Seed. Or you can let your imagination lead the way and freely associate on the Seed until you have an idea for a poem.

When writing the poem, plan it such that the first letters of each line form the Seed’s title. This constraint means you should consider the number of lines, and of course, how to start each of them.

fade in...


Our next game takes us to the movies or at least the beginning of a film. Your challenge is to imagine and write the opening sequence of an imaginary movie. Use the Glue Seed for inspiration, but as always, this is just the starting point. Let your mind wander until you come up with a cool idea for the beginning of a movie.

You don't have to imagine the entire plot or even know if it can lead somewhere. Focus on the first scene and make it captivating enough for the audience to remain in their seats.

Once Upon a Time…


Let's play Once Upon a Time and use the first sentence of a book as a starting point for our own creation.

This game is much more fun when you use a book you still haven’t read. When you manage to do that, you can focus on the sentence itself without bias toward how the story continues. It’s a great way to let your imagination wonder and wander. Don’t try to guess what the plot is about. Imagine your own story.

Create a sculpture inspired by the sentence you've read, what you have imagined, or things you spot around you that you associate with the book’s opening.

First thing first...


For our next game, you will have to go to sleep. But before you do, place a notebook and a pen beside your bed. When you wake up tomorrow, before even getting out of bed, write an associative stream inspired by the ReShape Seed above (you can print it to have it at hand).

Don't think about what you are writing. Just write down whatever comes to mind for at least five minutes. Don't stop even if you feel stuck. Just write something. Anything.

You'd be amazed where your mind takes you when you are still half asleep.

We explored different kinds of Beginnings and played with the beginning of a book, a movie, and the beginning of the day.

The following games will take us to another playground: ourselves. We are going to play with our history and future…

first time ever...


Let's experience a beginning as in doing something for the very first time.

Think of something you can do today, which you have never done before. Needless to say, it should be safe and legal, but these are practically the only restrictions. It can be anything from eating something you have never tasted to trying to create or build something you have never tried to.

Enjoy the experience and take note of how it felt to do something for the first time. Can this be the beginning of a new habit? Maybe trying one new thing every day is? Can every day be a beginning…?

remember when...


For our next game, find a quiet location without distractions. Close your eyes and try to recall your first memory from when you were a child. What is the first thing you remember?

See the memory in your mind. Try to relive it. Be there.

Now, write down what you saw, sensed, and felt. Use as many details as possible.

memory lane...


After playing Remember When…, let's take that memory and use it as inspiration for a new creation.

Read the description you wrote. Imagine it visually and create a drawing inspired by it. It doesn't matter if you think you can't draw. It's the experience of trying that counts, and you just might be surprised by the result.

the year ahead...


Now, let's look forward. A new year is staring every day. And there's no better time for setting goals for the upcoming year than now.

The Year in Review Play is a fun way to think about the upcoming 12 months by imagining how your "year in review" video will look like a year from now.

Don't settle with imagining this futuristic video — create it! Invest the time to celebrate your upcoming achievements. It just might be the trigger you need to turn them into a reality.

the beginning...


Our last game is truly the essence of Beginning: a small first step setting us off an unexpected journey.

Think of a personal goal you have — a goal you still haven't started to realize yet. You might want to consider a goal from your Year in Review video or something you didn't even imagine doing this year.

Now, consider the first step — a small step — you can do as soon as tomorrow toward that goal. It doesn't matter how little this step is, as long as you know that it will move you one inch closer toward your destination.

Now, just do it!

That's the end of our Beginning pack. If you love Beginnings as much as we do, remember: every day can be the beginning of something new. You just need to be attentive, look for opportunities, and seize some of them.

All the games we've played are designed for re-play: the more you play with them, the more challenging it is to find and create something new. That's what so great about them. So, feel free to play with the games in this pack throughout the upcoming weeks. Make sure to surprise yourself — it will make you smile!

See you soon with a brand new Creativity Pack 🙂