What does Independence mean for you? Is your first association national or personal? Must Independence be expressed physically, or is it all in your head? Do you think about Independence every now and then or only when an external event like Independence Day is around the corner?

In this Creativity Pack, we are celebrating Independence. Any kind of Independence. We will use some state symbols as raw material, but we will also introspect and think about our own Independence. It is a fusion bound to create some creative ideas.

We are in for some great fun!

Ready to play?

before we start

If you are new to seempli, here's what you should know:

100% of our games are open-ended: they are not riddles, and so there are no right or wrong answers. The games are designed to trigger your imagination and Creativity, so whatever you make of them is just perfect!

Each game should result in something tangible you can capture: the outcome of the activity. We call these outcomes Insights. If no specific Insight type is specified, capture a photo of what you found or created or describe what you thought or felt in writing. We highly recommend saving all your Insights (or a photo of them) in an Insight Journal, so you can reflect on your creative journey (and the hours of fun you had).

Our games and activities are designed for playing more than once. In fact, each time you play, you are bound to discover and create new things. Playing with the same game again, just makes it more challenging, so you improve your creative skills by design.

And a tip dedicated to this edition:

To be creative, we need to let our filters down and to come up with as many diverse ideas as possible. Examining our ideas and selecting the best and most effective ones has its place, of course. But filtering ideas too early in the process is bound to result in many good leads getting lost.

On many occasions, these filters that literally kill many of our ideas are not really ours — they originate from people surrounding us, the community we are part of, and the organizations we work or learn at. We often try to align ourselves with the expectations set (or ones we believe are set) by others. Overcoming these false constraints and letting our imagination lead us to uncharted territories is the most fundamental expression of Independence.



the flag


We will start with a simple associative-observation game. Your assignment is to photograph things similar to national flags. The more such Insights you can find, the better. Wherever you are, look around you for things that remind you of real state flags.

Don't capture real flags or photos and drawings of flags. Instead, aim to see things differently: try to see ordinary things as if they dress up as known flags.

Keep the word "Flag" or the image of specific flags in your mind and look around you mindfully throughout the day.

the anthem


Your next challenge is to capture a visual Insight inspired by your national anthem. A visual Insight can be a photograph, a collage, a drawing, a sculpture, or a short video. It can be based on things you observe, but it can also be something you create specifically for this game. You can capture an Insight inspired by the words, the music, or the mood of the anthem. Associate. Imagine. Let your mind flow and don't overthink.

Share your creation with your friends and family. If you are playing together, explore their Insights as well. With each Insight, you will discover a new perspective or a surprising interpretation of the anthem you thought you knew.

the country


Before we shift into more personal games, let's create a collage representing our countries. Once again, don't overthink it — let associations and your imagination take the lead. Don't censor yourself — just flow with what comes to mind.

You can create the collage from objects you associate with your country or use various artifacts as shapes and colors to create something new — something different and more significant than the sum of its pieces. Whatever you do, don't create a digital collage made of photos. Create a physical collage from objects or printed pictures.

Take a photo of the collage you've created and give it a title that doesn't include the name of your country.

We started with our own interpretations of independence-related entities, but not ones that we created. Our flag, our anthem, and the country we live in can all be highly important to us, but they are not our own creations. As much as we are connected to them, they are not created in our image.

For the rest of this pack, when we say "your country," we really mean your country. But, before we get to that, let's play with a very specific interpretation of Independence…



To get in the mood for some personal Independence, let's first play solitaire. No, not the card game. In this game, your task is to experience doing something alone. Well, clearly, there are many things you are already doing alone. Your goal is to do something you usually do with one or more people, but today, do it by yourself.

Whatever it is you choose doing, doing it alone will be a completely different experience. Try to make the most of it. Be aware of what makes this experience different. Is it better? What can you learn about yourself when you are not sharing this experience with anyone else?

After you do whatever you chose, write down some Insights based on your experience.

your flag


Imagine your country. Really. Your country — an imaginary country you are the founder of. This is your country to shape, design, and build. Anything is possible — from the location and geography to economics and politics. Try to form a vivid image of your newly established country in your mind. Whether this vision is feasible or not is not relevant — your imagination can reshape reality.

Now, let's play.

In our next game, your goal is to design the flag of the country you've just founded. How will it look? What message will it convey? How will the flag inspire the citizens of your country? How will it represent you, your aspirations, and your vision of your new country?

In your flag design, don't use too many colors, avoid using complex shapes, and don't use letters or words. A good flag design should be easy to recreate and identify. It should convey a message and have a meaning. As the founder of your new country, focus on what is important to you.

your anthem


Now that you have a flag for your newly founded country, it is time to think about an anthem. As in the previous game, you are the founder — you are the writer of the country's constitution, and your anthem should convey its spirit and its values.

The easiest way to play this game is to select an existing song that really captures the essence of your new country. But, if you wish to make things a bit more challenging, try to write the anthem yourself. Choose the words carefully — they are your textual flag. They capture the reason for your country to exist, at least in your mind.

your country


Your next step in this journey of Independence is to sketch a map of your country — the country you've just imagined. Remember, this is your country to shape, design, and build, and anything is possible. And just like your flag and your anthem were designed to express your vision of the newly founded country, so does the map you are about to draw.

You can decide what kind of a map it will be, what imaginary information it will convey, and how it will eventually look like, as long as the inspiration for the map and the imaginary country it describes is you.

national breakfast


Last but not least, your country must have a national breakfast — a dish so unique that people from all over the world will visit your country just to taste it. What will be the traditional breakfast in your newly established country?

Don't just go for a dish you love (although as the founder of the country, you can do whatever you like). Try to think of a recipe that represents you and the values and principles on which your imaginary country was built.

Now, prepare that dish and share it with your friends and family. Celebrate your imaginary country's Independence Day with this culinary masterpiece. And don't forget to name it!

How does it feel to have your own personal country, with your own flag, an anthem, and a map limited by nothing but your imagination?

With that experience in mind, let's use the last two games in the Independence Creativity Pack for reflection and introspection.

independence story


In our next game, your goal is to write a short story about Independence. It can be a real, personal story, or 100% fiction. You can take the concept of Independence anywhere you like, and maybe even come up with unusual interpretations of it.

Close your eyes and let your imagination lead the way. Associate, wonder, and explore within yourself: what does Independence mean for you. When you see in your mind something that catches your attention, use it as a lead — as a trigger for your story. Follow this lead and see where it takes you. Don't overthink it — just flow with the story and write it down.

make a wish


Our last game starts with a wish and then takes us back to reality.

Start with writing down something you wish for. Make it real. Make it your own. Next, capture an Insight inspired by what you wrote. It can be a photograph, a drawing, a collage, a poem, or a short video — whatever medium you would like to use to articulate your wish.

Your wish is an expression of your Independence. It is a reflection of your thoughts and desires. Celebrate it.

The last step in the Make a Wish game is to take the first step toward realizing your wish. Today. It can be a small step, but it must be a step in the right direction — it must be the first step in the path leading to the lighthouse that is your wish.

Enjoy the journey 🙂

Independence is one of those tricky concepts. It can have a political meaning or a very personal meaning. We all strive for Independence, but many of us are not actively promoting it or even considering it daily. I hope that we managed to bring Independence back to the front through some playful time. Even more so, I hope you will continue to explore what is your vision of Independence, and while doing so, you will start to realize it.

Remember, all the games we've played are designed for re-play: the more you play with them, it becomes more challenging to find and create something new. That's what so great about them. So, feel free to play with the games in this pack throughout the upcoming weeks. Make sure to surprise yourself — it will make you smile!

See you soon with a brand new Creativity Pack 🙂