creomondi is a perfect way to spice up your day with creative exploration, imagination, wonder, and playfulness.

With creomondi, you will reignite your Creativity Operating System. You will see the world like children do: as a playground in which anything can happen.

Here's the deal.

  • Pick a playground to explore and find inspiration in
  • Pick one or two Seeds to help you observe, wonder, and imagine during the creative exploration
  • Take note of the things you discover
  • Use whatever you've discovered to create something new and imaginative

Ready? Let's play! 

pick a playground

The playground is where we look for inspiration. It can be a physical location, a virtual one, or an imaginary one. Explore it mindfully. Observe with all your senses. You are not looking for anything specific. You are looking for the spark of an idea.

Let's explore...

Add some Seeds for your creative exploration...

pick an exploration Seed

Keep the Seed in mind and play with it. Find things you can associate with the Seed or fuse with it. Let your imagination lead the way, and don't dismiss any discovery.

Let's associate and fuse in the context of the playground

Take note of every discovery, association, or idea during your creative exploration.

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If you want to take the game up a notch, use a second Seed to create surprising combinations and discover even more imaginative things

show seed

it's time to create!

So, what shall we create today? It doesn't have to be fancy. It doesn't have to be perfect. The only thing that matters is that you will enjoy making it.

Use what you've discovered and the Seed as inspiration for your creation.

Let's create...

Now, the real fun starts!

the next level

If you wish to take your creativity to the next level, add a constraint to the game.

Most constraints are designed to be applied to your creation. Some of them can be applied to the way you explore the playground. Some might seem non-trivial.

Finding a way to apply the constraint is part of the game!

show constraint

Apply this constraint to your creation

You can play with all the elements above or just with a few of them, but don't wait for a more trivial combination. The stranger the challenge is, the more surprised you will be by your creativity.

With that in mind, remember that creomondi is a game without rules. You can use the Seeds, the Playground, the Insight Type, and the Constraint in any way you can imagine. As long as you are having fun!

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