All Hands

The weekend is a great time to do something fun with friends and family. So gather around and let’s create something together.

The All Hands Prism is a Maker Prism which means we will create something as opposed to just observing and exploring. The raw material we will use for today’s challenge is something we carry with us all the time but rarely consider as raw material: our own hands.

Call as many as friends and family members and fill them in on the assignment: you should all stage an Insight in which your hands play a major role. You can use other accessories or backgrounds, but make sure the focus is on your hands. And the inspiration for the Insight is the On the Move Seed.

One way to approach this is to think together on what you will do. A different way is to just start playing with your hands together until something sparks an idea. Whatever path you take, be ready for some great fun time!

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