An Original Kandinsky

Our world is full of colors. Most of the time we take this fact for granted, and we fail to notice and appreciate them. But today this is about to change as we are going to explore the world for specific colors.

The Kandinsky Seed contains more than just a textual trigger. It includes a specific instruction.  You can choose to play with the title of the Seed and capture an Insight inspired by the famous painter, or you can follow the instruction, which in this case adds a constraint to the challenge. Look around you mindfully and capture a frame that includes all three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue.

Now, while this might seem like a call for a visual Insight, you can turn this challenge also into a textual one. It starts with visual exploration, but you can try describing what you find in writing instead of taking a photo of it.

So, open your eye and experience color.

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