Another Dimension

Today we are visiting another dimension… in more than one sense.

It’s a Maker day and your task is to create a doodle inspired by the Another Dimension Seed. How to approach this task? Well, first, don’t hold back even if you believe you cannot draw. That’s the point of doodling.

The Magic Doodle Prism invites you to a different experience than the core seempli game-play. Instead of looking for Insights in the external world, our playground for this Prism seems to be merely an empty paper. But in fact, as always, the real playground is made of our imagination, our associations, and our ideas.

When you play with Magic Doodle, don’t think about the Seed and don’t consider consciously what to draw. Instead, doodle freely with no particular goal, but be sure to keep the Seed in mind. Associate while you draw until something inspired by the Seed comes up. Flow with it and elaborate it until you are satisfied with the result.

And as always, try playing throughout the days. You can doodle during a phone call, in a meeting, or on the train. Use these opportunities for being creative!

Let’s go… to Another Dimension…

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