A special creative challenge is ahead — guaranteed to make your day brighter. This challenge is all about you and the things that make you happy!

If you are not familiar yet with seempli Gears, this is a perfect opportunity for a formal introduction :). Each seempli Gear defines a mini-workflow with a specific goal in mind such as Generating Ideas, Spicing Up Learning, etc. From the seempli Me page you can access various channels — each of them includes a collection of Gears that will help you achieve one goal.

We believe there is a strong connection between being present and connected with the world and being creative. This is how the Be Present Channel was created and today we will use one of the Be Present Gears called Bliss.

Your task is simple to describe, yet not less challenging to do: think of three things that bring you joy, and then capture three Insights inspired by them.

To make this exercise even more challenging, let‘s add the following constraints:

  • Don’t list specific people or your family or friends as one of the three things that make you happy
  • Capture the Insights in writing: write one or two short paragraphs about each of the things you’ve listed

We hope this will be an enlightening experience. Try repeating it on a weekly or even daily basis. We guarantee it will make you smile.

Ready? Set… Bliss!


My Bliss

I took this opportunity to play with the Bliss Gear and capture three things that are part of my personal bliss. Here it goes…


I could have said music is part of my life as long as I remember myself, but it wasn’t really. I wish I could have said I can play or compose music, but I can’t. What I can say is that from the time I was about 12, music was there for me. It was there when I was sad and when I was happy; it had a place on special occasions and as a background for daytoday life. And it never seizes to amaze me how a sequence of frequencies generating sounds can have such an emotional impact on me.

Seeing a Spark of Creativity

When photography was my focus, I always enjoyed seeing the spark in someone eyes when they saw things as I intended them to see. It wasn’t a pure ego thing but rather the idea that I can help people see things they otherwise missed. But then I found something even better: helping people to see things that I can easily miss. That is how seempli was born.

Helping people realizing they are creative, that they can imagine and see things others don’t, is one of the things that fill me the most. So many people don’t realize their creative potential, and when they let themselves be playful, explore, imagine, and create, you can see this change in their eyes. And it is priceless.

Getting Lost

Many people who know me might laugh reading this. I am perceived as somewhat of a control freak. But maybe that is the reason that allowing myself to get lost is such a liberating experience.

Getting lost is not a trivial task these days. When I get a chance to just wander in streets I am not familiar with, I feel like a tourist exploring the city for the first time. Naturally, the more you try to do it, the harder it gets. But getting lost is also a state of mind. Even if you know where you are physically, trying to forget your exact location and letting yourself be drawn to the hidden details and secret treasures it has to offer will allow you to get lost mentally. For me, this experience is like walking into a different dimension through the looking glass.

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